Uniforme de Húsar de Nikolai Rostov (Guerra y la Paz, «War and Peace», 2007)

Estudiando la uniformología húsar por mera curiosidad y por -como sabéis  ser tan apasionada por la historia napoleónica y la recreación de la misma, he ido recopilando una serie de artículos, libros, películas, y muchísimas imágenes antiguas así como ediciones in facsímil  que os iré mostrando poco a poco.

La entrada de hoy será exclusivamente en inglés -por ello que somos cosmopolitas y por respeto a los seguidores y amigos del resto de Europa que tiene este blog. 🙂 For my friends and followers around the world!

Totally spiffy and dripping with gold braid, these just look so cool! The problem, of course, is that I can look at a woman’s dress in a movie and evaluate its historical accuracy, but with uniforms I have no idea. In fact, if anyone has good sources for information I’d love to know. I am sure there are people out there who really really know their stuff when it comes to uniforms. From a totally ignorant but aesthetically appreciative point of view, I have been particularly admiring Nikolai Rostov in the 2005 War and Peace. Wow.

First he wears he puts on a shirt and pants (with braces). Look how high up those pants go.

Notice that he wears a black neckcloth with his uniform (and a really spiffy collar on that white shirt). That is the kind of thing I would never have anticipated. I wonder if it is actually accurate. For that matter, I wonder what this whole uniform is based on.

Now there’s the dolman, his actual jacket. Look at the braid! Check out the buttons! And it has a cute little tail in the back.

Over that, a pelisse. You can see that when he is on campaign in the cold (Russia in winter), he wears the pelisse over his dolman and closes it. But in a much more spiffy and rakish fashion, he usually wears it slung over his left shoulder. I love it!

Then there are the accessories, of course. I have no idea what’s going on with the sash, but I wish I did. The hat is… wow. With the scales and the tassel and the rosette… I love it! And he has a little satchel (apparently you call it a reticule… I’m having trouble with all the overlap in women’s clothing and men’s uniform terms: reticule, dolman, pelisse!).
And of course, I might prefer it in red. I’m not at all sure! Look at those boots, though. Beautiful gold tassles on Hessian boots. Does anyone know where to get Hessian boots?


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